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Sorux Paris is a French jewellery studio with a rich and illustrious background on refined craftsmanship. The meticulous care, and love put into every single Sorux creation, define a new standard.

Founder and Art Director, Paris-based Mauricio Clavero Kozlowski, led long established French luxury lifestyle brands for more than a decade.  Being culturally diverse and with an exceptionally sophisticated eye, he steered these legendary Maisons into the contemporary world; respecting traditions, and codes with a unique savoir-faire.

Born and raised in Chile, Mauricio developed a singular and sensitive approach to creation.

A passion for pushing traditional techniques and gestures of the craftsman that creates a dialog in a new language mix of heritage and contemporaneity.

The result of this creative process is a piece of jewelry that enhances your beauty, extols your singularity and makes you feel alive.