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Sorux Paris

Is a French jewelry studio with a rich and illustrious background on refined craftsmanship. The meticulous care, and love put into every single Sorux creation, define a new standard.


Explore boundaries

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Full of details and precision

As we are passionate for details, we decided to manufacture all our creations through the technique of Cire Perdue.

Discover M3
SoruxParis has created Motion collection. A handcrafted contemporary jewelry made in France. In gold 18K or silver 925. Our precious metals are sourced following the guidelines of RJC the Responsible Jewelry Council.

All our pieces can be personalized to revive special moments or just because you love details as much as we do.


A free-style piece that carry all our codes


Creativity, innovation and exploration are all part of our DNA. Through our creations and images we share our values and vision of a singular life,...