shipping offered with no minimum purchase amount
la livraison est offerte sans montant minimum d'achat

We are constantly changing through time, and your Sorux piece of jewelry will be part of you in this process.

Many factors may create a patina on your Sorux piece of jewelry, such as time, weather conditions or even your daily activities. Even your skin can be a part of the process.

To preserve and protect your Sorux pieces, please keep them away from aggressive environments such as chemical products, scratcher surfaces or sharp areas.

In order to reduce the patina influence or avoid any rub, when you are not wearing your piece of jewel, you can store it within the small pouch provided with each creation.

If you prefer your piece of jewelry to look shinny like a star, you can do it yourself by applying a specific product usually widely available everywhere.

If required, please send us a message to request for more information.

In case you need your piece of jewelry to bright like the Sun, you can send it to us and we will be delighted to do it for you here in France.