Toutes nos créations sont façonnées en France
toutes nos créations ont été façonnées en France

Creativity, innovation and exploration are all part of our DNA.

Through our creations and images we share our values and vision of a singular life, enriched day by day with the exchange of dreams, ideas, projects and experiences.

This time, we’ve awarded a Carte Blanche to the highly talented French-Portuguese photographer Silvy Crespo / @silvycrespo 

Working in France and Portugal, her approach to photography is versatile and experimental, between documentary and fiction.

Her latest project will be visible at the Biennale für Aktuele Fotografie @die_biennale 

 M21 by Silvy CrespoM3 by Silvy CrespoM33 by Silvy CrespoM1 by Silvy CrespoM8 by Silvy CrespoM1 by Silvy Crespo 

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